Future fears, past experiences, stress, depression has become a part of our society.

No single human is responsible for that but we all as a whole are equally responsible for nurturing it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

If we look at ourselves or observe our actions, interactions, perceptions we will be surprised to know that we are the one who is walking towards stress, depression, or leading some other to the path of stress, depression through our conscious or subconscious actions. e.g I was just watching an advertisement for life insurance policy where first they introduce the fear of death by promo what will happen to your family if you die today then they introduce some term plan to protect the family financially if one dies today. To make their present finances an insurance company introduces stress and fear of the future in your present etc.

Just one example but we all do some kind of action in our lives or other’s life which leads to the path of stress, future worries, etc.

Now the million-dollar question how to live fully without any worry of future or memories of the past.

The answer to this is very simple just follow the perspective of a child where the focus is always in the present no memories of past and no worries of future just evolve in the present with full energy and sparkle in the eyes. If this is so easy why can’t we have happiness around with human race who is present at the moment? This is easy to live like a child and enjoy everything that comes in your way, but the problem is with our limited thoughts which says you are not a child or don’t act like a child. Simply release yourself from all those limiting thoughts and allow yourself to live like a child, play like a child, celebrate any small thing like a big achievement, let your curiosity grow, observe everything like you are seeing it for the first time and enjoy its uniqueness, never compare any two things/people/events.

Get ready to see the miracles firstly in yourself and then around you…

All of a sudden you will fall in love with your life like a morning breeze…My only secret mantra for all of my readers which I share with my clients in all interactions …

Believe in you and your existence on this planet…Activate the mode of happiness and be present in the moment…


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