Perceptions are like heartbeats of two people who can’t be at the same level at one time so why wait for others to acknowledge your perception.

Perception is the way you see objects, events, opportunities different than others.

Your perception is your focus of lens through which you see the world, which needs concentration and is present in the moment.

To see a clear picture through your lens one must be in the present not in past or future e.g if you burn your finger you very well can feel the heat of the fire and burning sensation which is a clear example of one is present in the moment.

Practice the skill of being present in the moment to perceive things/events/people in a fruitful way which is beneficial and kind for the well being of humanity. Your perception is only your no one can understand and feel the way you are feeling and seeing things. If you feel that your perception is a sign of your mental impression also because it clearly shows how you interpret something in your mind when you see through your lens. That’s okay if others can’t see the things in a way you are seeing, there’s no problem but important is you see through your way lens not from their lens.

No perception is superior or inferior…

Always remember and give due acknowledgment to your perception but don’t expect others to acknowledge your perception, that’s not right…

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