If change is the only truth in the world why it is difficult to accept and admit to it what I am today is not going to be tomorrow.

Most of the crisis among humans is because of the change in their natures/ situations/events which is continuously changing and change is the only truth on this planet. The law of nature also says that ultimate reality is a change to accept it, embrace it, and live happily.

Change brings both excitement/pleasant experiences and challenges neither excitement nor challenges are going to stay permanently because only change is permanent. The way you feel the sun in winters doesn’t feel the same way in summers, but you and the sun are the same the change is in temperature. So change is permanent and doesn’t get upset when you see someone changing because that’s the only truth. Once you trained yourself to accept and embrace all changes in the universe, that’s the start of your living fully.

The sun is also continuously growing in size what we have today is the baby sun which is growing years by years.

When we trained and convince ourselves to this ultimate truth of the universe/Higher power that only truth is change and acceptance of change is the instructions of higher power/God to us without any doubt and hatred. We will live in our life with eternal happiness and joy…

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