The self-connection is to be in touch with the worthiness of yourself leaving behind experiences you are having.

In simple words, self-connection is the state of mind rather than what is happening in life and tune into your self chosen emotional and physical state. Like if your head is aching find out the reason why is this ache, the reason for this unpleasant feeling and try to convert that into a pleasant experience by taking yourself into some other past pleasant experience and feel that totally till the time you have goosebumps. By practicing for some time your ache will vanish and you will experience pleasure which is possible through connecting with yourself and disconnecting with the outside world.

The moment you choose to live life with self-connection, you will value your time on this planet and use it wisely and be watchful of all emotions. Your internal compass is activated and you are clear for what matters most to you, the compass is on work as a wise servant and immediately beeps the moment you are going off track.

With this practice, you are serving your emotional needs for the best of your happiness and ignoring the unpleasant events. Now you can very well recognize and express your emotions.

Sometimes you have to give some time to yourself by disassociating with the people, events around and go for some me-time with your personal choices either for coffee, walk or just close your eyes and sitting comfortably without doing anything. All of the above are different ways of meditation. Meditation is to press the pause button inside your mind and relax without thinking anything you don’t need any special skills or certification for that… Practice, Practice, and Practice only…

Just evolve yourself with everything life is bringing to you and welcome every moment in your life because everything happening with you and around you is the part of a big major plan of God/Universe/supreme power and you must simply follow the plan with the regular practice of self-connection. Be emotionally present in all activities/events/occasions you are a part of rather than physical presence which is again a part of self-connection…

Live you’re live fully and happily.

These days ingredient of self connecting is missing we are leading our lives to depression modes… So practice self-connection and make it an important ingredient to living fully and happily your precious life…Gift your self-happiness through self-connection…

You are precious and one of your type…

Protect your happiness give yourself the gift of self-connection…

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