Perception is no right or wrong but our glasses to see the world so no two perceptions are the same.

Perception is not the reality but it is one’s experience of their journey based on their feelings at certain events in their life, belief system, cultural preferences, geographical area they are born, religion, etc. e.g I am a morning person or I am a night person no statement is right or wrong but this perception is based on experiencing some particular moment or event in their life which touches the emotional state.

You are what you want to be or how you want to experience your life so be selective.

Perception act as a lens through which you see your reality. Everyone has their glasses of perception to view the world in a particular way.

The most common perception globally used to explain the concept is a glass half-filled or a glass half empty. If one chooses a glass half-filled positive perspective and vice-e-versa. Your perception positive or negative will lead you to see a world around you with your glasses in a different way which is not like others. Every single person sees only what they want to see not what others want them to see.

Positive perception will take your journey ahead in a positive way where everything is so beautiful and negative perception will lead you towards the world is so unreal, nothing is true. Always remember the law of attraction here which is universal truth you attract your thoughts.

Universe/Supreme power/God recognizes no right no wrong but only the actions to be taken or not to be taken. No one else perception can be more accurate than yours for your situation because what is right for you may not be equally convincing for others or their right may be wrong for your situation.

Perception is no right or wrong but what you feel at a particular moment… Go ahead listen to your heart…


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