Every life is important in their unique ways. Every single life is different and unique, and reflecting in their ways and we all should acknowledge every life without any filters with real feelings not to show only.

Things are not always what they seem but the reality is different which cant be seen with eyes but one can always feel the feelings of the other side.

Let us put our focus on not only what is said but on actions too while communicating with anyone be it is important to us or not but that individual is life and we are saving one life in small interaction if our focus is on actions too rather than on words. Few people have difficulty in understanding their feelings and put them into words then they surround themselves with self weaved web of negativity and rejection from the world ends up finishing their lives.

Let us take a pledge that we will available to all lives in all small, large, or even one-time interaction with the thought no matter who need us at this moment to save their life with our full attention in the small interaction may be on the networking sites in the form of likes or number of followers.

Recently we lost one Bollywood life due to ignorance and availability of others just to sit and listen. Our small contribution can save so many lives we meet in our lifetime but if we are true at that moment not to show the world our greatness and kindness but put our focus on others’ actions while communicating we can save one life. Let’s take a pledge to ourself if we are connected with anyone on social media it is our duty and responsibility to make ourselves available at the time of need, not commenting when damage is already done! oh, I was not aware…

We can always appreciate all lives we meet in our lifetime that appreciating words can work as a fuel for everyone to live life fully with happiness no matter what happens because everything is beautiful and the world is filled with happy souls.

No two people are born to serve the world similarly. Every life has unique, meaningful, talents to perform their duty. Remember all lives are important small or big.

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