Today on social media messages, pictures are floating for Mother day. Like it is a duty for all to share pictures, love, and gratitude on social media for Mother day. Mothers Day is to touch your mum’s heart and feel the warmth let her say which is unspoken or you say which you want to say but never know when to say. Spend some time with her and if she is in another world simply say hello she will listen. Start communication on mothers day with your mother and pour your heart to her and let her pour her heart to you, things will become beautiful and you will forget the social media tool for that moment because your soul and heart will be in one rhythm. You must have heard that when you are in the rhythm of your music don’t listen to anything no wonder what is happening around you so feel that rhythm in you today on Mother’s day and connect with your mother forget social media. Gift your mother your love and warmth. The relation between mother and child is like mirror no filters, no hiding emotions, no judgments, etc just love. But sadly that is not the reality for all reason I am thinking or writing this is because of few experiences with my clients who are not the mirror for each other but have so many filters before any communication. Let me share one recent experience where a 17-year-old boy has taken his life reason one girl post at Instagram(social site) about the boy at this lockdown period where everyone is at home that child must be having a mother around all the time, then what would have stopped the boy to take few steps to his mother and talk…… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to every single mother and let’s take a pledge to celebrate Mother’s day like mirror and reflection no filters…Just love no commitments, no judgments, no targets …

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