FEAR & BELIEVE both can never be together just like day and night, sunrise and sunset when one comes the other has to go. Most of us live our lives with fears of different kinds and let those fears drive our lives. Amazingly few fears are handed to generation over a generation and we too are following the trend of passing fears to the coming generation, a very common example to which everyone can relate is when a child starts walking we are the one who introduces the word falling in his life when the child just started taking baby steps and we experienced adults introduced the fear of falling in that child’s life. Fear of religion is also one fear which is handed to one generation to another generation and the list is long. In the journey of life, we are not aware the moment we left the hand of BELIEF and embraced ourselves by our own self created fears is difficult to answer because we are busy in attracting fears in day to day life. Belief is a powerful tool which if humans know how to use, can change everyone’s life. FOMO(Fear of missing out) is also the biggest fear of today and many people are suffering. To an extent, social media feeds this fear and it is very simple to overcome FOMO. Fear and belief are two sides of one coin and we have to choose one which is totally in our control. Today everyone is at home because of lockdown and what are we attracting is fear of COVID-19 or belief that everything is going to be good, healing is already started, humans have won over covid-19. Yes, attract what you want not what you don’t want. One simple rule of overcoming fear does not afraid of anything start believing as we all are related to each other because our creator is one and whatever we believe universe/God/higher power always says granted… Start attracting your beliefs…


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