Multitasking is getting more work done in a short period people call its efficiency and are proud of their being called multitasker. What is Multitasking? Multitasking is doing two or more things simultaneously. The point here is our brain is not designed to handle things as a multitasker if we have to give the best out of it. When you split your attention while doing a specific task to do more things you aren’t actually doing more. But you are doing injustice with the task and your brain who can do wonders if you permit your brain to do things with its own rhythm. If we study all stories of greatness, discoveries, contributors, etc one thing is common among all no one was a multitasker and follow one golden rule one thing at a time. Sadly but most of us do things as a multitasker even we sleep as a multitasker…YES… that’s correct… e.g Say you are sitting in your house watching T.V but you are aware messages in your phone, what is happening outside the window, who is in the room, small changes your helper has done while cleaning in the room, what is cooking in the kitchen, there is office tomorrow morning, the mailbox has to check, etc. Multitasking, Multitasking, Multitasking Multitasking impacts our mental and physical piece in different ways like our short term memory because when we are doing more than two things its difficult to memorize the details activities e.g if a surgeon is operating more than two patients at a time THINK THINK THINK…all kinds of multitasking is equally harmful. It directly attracts our creative thinking our mental piece to do wonders or to serve that single purpose of our existence on this planet. Let me remind you we all are equally wonderful not different than Great Thomas Edison but we need to understand one thing at one time…Practice Practice Practice… Multitasking increases our anxiety drains our mental energy and we lose the focus becomes more anxious. We all have heard phrase GO WITH THE FLOW but when we multitask we break the rhythm of flow. Flow is that state of mind where we are focused and well connected with the task and not aware of outside activities that connection takes your journey to greatness. Flow is focus and concentration.


  1. I love this post! I was telling this to my partner the other day. He’d complain that I can’t multitask but told him that my brain doesn’t function that way. Glad there’s scientific evidence to back up this 💗

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