Disease like COVID 19 was predicted by Psychic Sylvia Browne she mentioned that severe pneumonia-like illness will spread around the globe attacking lungs and the bronchial tube and resisting all known treatments and it will suddenly vanish as quickly it will arrive. Everyone is fighting with the disease in their ways health experts, governments, etc. It is a war with a virus that threatens human life and is a global crisis that needs a global response. Today globally everyone is talking about this deadly virus and if I say we are attracting this deadly virus through our thoughts and action. We humans should contribute something rather than attracting the virus by talking, thinking, watching, forwarding messages about this virus or indulging in panic buying. The army of fighters like health experts, science, governments, WHO, etc are working tirelessly and collectively to end this virus and our duty is very easy and simple in a fight with virus…. stay home stay safe and gift a beautiful world to the children without creating any panic and not forwarding any message about virus…. Lets practice from today’s law of attraction which clearly says we attract our thoughts…Start attracting our thoughts, not fears… We all have our thoughts utilize this time in listening to your thoughts and not others thoughts because this virus has given you time to pause and be at home, relax think about yourself rather than thinking about this virus because your existence in this world is for some purpose serve that purpose not engage yourself in serving others purpose.
Stay home Stay safe and attract your thoughts, dreams do not fear the best way to fight with this virus…..

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