What will you write for you if you know that you can write anything and higher power is going to say granted? It sounds interesting but that can’t be possible because these things happened in the fairy tales, not in the real world that’s what you heard till know but this thought is because of your limiting beliefs, just release yourself from those limiting beliefs and write for yourself the way you want you should be or your dream you are scared to see because of the fear of others or what others will say or what if you fail or you don’t have enough resources or opportunities, etc dream can be any…. Write it on a piece of paper and that’s the start of your new story where you can write anything and achieve anything. People love different stories and not the old repeated stories and make you story different e.g. Dinner in the morning or dinner at night which sounds different and interesting in the same way write any story for you, what you want for you or where you want to be different stories are always interesting to believe me higher power/ God is always there to say granted whatever you feel for you because you are the part of that supreme power and very lovely to supreme power because you hold his favorite soul. All souls belong to supreme power/ higher power/God name can be any but all souls belong to that one higher power so who says one soul is small and other is big or one is experienced and other inexperienced or one is blessed, fortunate and other is not or one is Gods soul who has come on the earth, etc. This is the time to fulfill the responsibility of your presence on this earth and there is a reason you are here on this planet. It is a myth that few are born with potentials everyone has the equal potential the delay is the realization of that potential…..Feel you are God’s favorite soul and have the power to write anything for you and on some special purpose. Yes, that’s true only you have the power to write anything in your story because you are different and only one of your kind. Everyone has different stories and different experiences and don’t let anyone write or narrate your story. Give your introduction to this world and let everyone know about the beauty of your soul and its unique potential. Higher power is always with you and you are the author of your story write for you and world will follow, the universe will make your writings possible and say granted without any calculations but important is what you write you must believe……


  1. Yes,I agree with you.Law of Attraction is a part of Quantum Physics ans it works 100%.
    I have explained this phenomena in my book-You Can Make It Happen.If you like,you can read and understand it,if you don’t know,.
    Have a great day!


  2. What an amazing post Kanika. I love how you point out there is only one of us and we are unique in our own way. Fantastic and thank you for sharing 😀

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