That’s true no one else has the power to decide your future other than you or your fear… We call ourselves smart calculative individuals and takes our future decision on past experiences of ours or others and in the process, we stay either sad or worried. When in past we are sad vice-e-versa worried in future so where is happiness… Happiness is in the moment we are living not in the past or present because the past is gone and the future yet has as to come. The secret is you possess all magical powers to create anything yes create any kind of life you want, the delay is because you believe others can change your life not you and you keep waiting for that energy to come and change your life. Sometimes it happened but not because of others, who say granted to your wishes but because of your strong believe on them that they are the only one who holds miraculous powers and can give anyone any dream…. Another strong belief of yours that those are blessed souls and very near to God and can grant you any kind of life but believe me your soul is not less than their soul all are gods creation and every soul possesses the same power, delay is because of your acknowledgment about your soul that you hold Gods favorite soul …..
Acknowledge your soul to create your future the way you won’t remember you are the sole creator of your life, future…..
Now you know your magical powers so take paper write your desires and reason for your desires, write at the bottom of the page granted that’s important while writing granted acknowledge that supreme powers favorite soul is inside you and from the very moment feel the excitement that you are going to receive everything you wrote in the list…….

Miracle started…..Enjoy the moment


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