Appreciation is the most powerful and motivating factor inside you. The word appreciation may look small a mere combination of few letters but holds the power of most powerful and magical person on this planet and if you feel this power inside you believe me you can achieve any success and climb any mountain with the shield of appreciation…. The process of appreciation is very simple to start appreciating every little task accomplished by you which includes all activities you do, once you up in the morning all are very important and as all are your achievements because every small step takes you to your destination there is no differentiation between them all as small step or big step…let me explain to you in another way e.g. we all have 5 fingers in one hand and out of those five fingers which one is more important and least important can you answer…. How silly what kind of question is this, they all are equally important and have there owned task to do so in the same way all activity is done by you is equally important whether it is getting up in the morning or managing the sleep cycle all need your appreciation……………….
Now the conversion of appreciation into magical power is very simple just need a little of reprogramming into our old system because we all are programmed based on our religion, our beliefs, our geographical territories, etc. and we see the world, people, events based on our those past experiences. The single press of reset in our old system is good enough to strengthen the magical power of appreciation inside us as you must be aware of concept of boomerang which says you must give what you want….Reset your focus on what you want not what you wish and start appreciating every individual whom all possesses what you want…
If you want wealth start appreciating people who already possess that wealth and believe that they are not different then you in the same way if you want success to appreciate people who achieved success and you will be surprised to know that behind their success they have uncountable failure and one thing is common they to are ordinary people like you…
Start appreciating yourself, others and see the magic of appreciation will change your story…… Magic already begins in your life believe me and believe yourself……..


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