The mind is very important for thought manufacturing and it works all the time. The nature of thoughts is totally in the control of humans similar to the vehicle which is in control of driver who is driving and can take a vehicle to any destination or if required change the destination or route to the destination etc. In the same manner, thoughts are in control of human whether doubtful thoughts or vice-e-Versa. We keep listening to people that they just can’t stop thinking and they think most of the time is random stuff. They look for negativity everywhere even in pleasant times or situations. The point to discuss is if one allows doubtful thoughts all the time to enter the mind, the law of attraction is very active will soon line up one doubtful thought after another. The thing to remember always is the moment doubtful thought enters release it immediately. The golden mantra for this is to drive your thoughts on your own and be watchful all the time… Once you master this you will see the magic in your life personal or professional.