Visualizations help us to remove all our attention from what we don’t want to what we want. In visualizations, one familiarizes oneself with the feeling of achievement which increases one’s motivation to reach the end goal with a strong belief that success is more realistic. The golden rule of visualization is very simple just practice to take attention and focus away from what you don’t want with a new focus of what you want. Once you start this practice you will befriend yourself surrounded with positive energy always, very soon you will witness happiness, success, achievement of your visualized goals. The most creative thing you have inside you is your power of visualization which has its wings and sky only need your trust and belief. When you start believing your powerful visualizations you can climb any mountain of success and the world will know you because of your incredible success story…….You are powerful because you can visualize any goal, dream, etc. The day one of visualization is like planting a seed and watch it everyday growing… In simple language, VISUALIZATION is Shift of FOCUS from what YOU Don’t WANT to WHAT you WANT… 


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