Thoughts and sea are similar, keep moving like a wave sometimes very slow and other times fast but no stillness. When the ocean is not moving, it still means dead sea and the same with the thoughts if no waves in the thoughts mean no hopes dead human. If you observe waves in the ocean which indicates movement, it is alive and similarly, thoughts make humans alive. Celebrate thoughts without thinking much about why these thoughts? Use thoughts as your fuel to enjoy them because you are living the life of your dreams where you embrace thoughts with happiness. Every great achievement or contribution in the life of great achievers or great contributors is once thought, to which they nourish every single moment with their strong belief in themselves and the power of their thoughts. Every human holds too much potential in them but the delay is because they don’t allow their thoughts to come with a tag of irrelevant thoughts and love to lead a life of no thoughts where no thoughts are no hopes and dead human. Kindly allow your thoughts and embrace them without any judgment.Your thoughts are precious and the gift of the universe acknowledges them and sees magic….

9 thoughts on “THOUGHTS AND SEA

  1. Thanks for another stimulating post. Just one observation.

    Still ocean is actually full of potential, and a beautiful mirror of sky.
    Still mind gives the possibility to see thought process, as if in mirror, enabling move beyond habit.
    So no, still is not dead.

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