One thing at a time is very common phrase or lines, we keep saying at different events in the life but don’t understand the message it carries. “One thing at a time”, lets associate it with the life and understand deeply. Let’s see people around you and observe them carefully that how many among them are actually present in that time. Some are watching their social media updates, some are traveling in their past, few are in the time journey of missed opportunities, few dreaming for future, some just watching time as either its moving slow or fast depends etc. No one is in the present moment and simply living, enjoying which indicates violation of universe law, then how can one expect higher power, supreme power, God whatever name you call is not kind or test the patience of kindest souls to whom God loves most. Humans today keep violating the law of universe and that is the only reason for people saying every thing happens for the reason or God has his plans for everyone or lets wait for the right time or everything is destined etc. But simple rule is when one violates the law of universe then the same should be ready for anything e.g Every parent or adult has different ways to make child learn things sometimes with love, anger, being friendly or entering into child age group etc. when they act in an inappropriate way or violate some rules. In the same way when human understand to live in the present moment, they connect with universe and become the writer of his own story and that’s the only moment of enlightenment automatically everything will be taken care higher power. The only duty of all humans is to live the life by being present in the moment and not to violate any law. That’s the beginning of unstoppable journey of success, great achievements and happiness. Let’s be present in the moment and embrace all colors of life…..


  1. True, I have absolutely noticed. No one is ever really in the present moment! It is a bit of sickness I think.
    True life happens only in the now. It is exciting to watch the creation unfold through time. Thank you for sharing.

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