Yes that’s true most beautiful thing is change but humans feels it difficult to accept. Change is universal truth, rest all are limited belief of human but sadly those limited belief are on the driver seat of todays human. For common man acceptance of change is giving up or losing but that’s not true at all. Acceptance of change is growth, learning, allowing oneself to explore, to find out the reason of their existence etc. The most beautiful and unique thing inside us is over unlimited potential through which we can climb any mountain while enjoying all falls and bruises. But our limited belief never allows us to see our authentic image and we become the victim of matching game of ourself with others. If we spare a minute and observe the size of all 5 fingers which varies, so is it advisable to match ourself with others potential or find out our unique potential and let it bloom in its uniqueness. Stress, anxiety, headache, migraine, depression are very common words in todays lifestyle of almost everyone in one way or other, be it any age. All these above mentioned friends don’t understand age limit and are very lively ready to attack anyone at any time always on active mode to find triggers. One simple reason behind all of them is when we refuse to accept any change they target us. When we refuse to accept change we associate it with todays lifestyle. The shortcut key to any success or happiness in our unstoppable authentic journey is change. How beautiful things will be when we welcome every single moment with the feeling and vision of its only for now, feel it, live it, do whatever want to do now, this is the only opportunity next moment will say game over play your move don’t wait for right time. This is the time which is now next minute is going to be game changer. Change is beautiful and will create happiness around us, we attract what we feel. Let’s gift this beautiful gift to oneself of change and accept all changes. You will witness magic in your life….


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