We get what we asked, but sadly most of the times this mankind is into self doubt and involved in what, how, when, where etc. Self doubt attract only fear from the universe with their strong believe of waiting for the right time or not ready for the opportunity coming at this time and there is a possibility of failure. Yes that’s 100% correct if raw material of product failure is getting collected in your mind then no one can stop production and delivery. Fear of failure is self constructed and properly planned, so what ever one plans will surely get. Planning is the start of any project in life whether personal or professional followed by implementing. Fear of failure is never because of wrong planning but its your own self doubt which attracts fear. Self doubt knocks you when you try to match others or feel uncomfortable in any of the situation, necessity is to be parent to yourself immediately and protect yourself from that situation the way parents protect to child in all weathers of life. While doing this you are transforming your self doubt into self confidence and attracting happiness….This is miracle


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