The magic and shortcut to happiness is allow all emotions and live them with their true nature. Enjoy every new sunshine of sun as every first activity of new born is enjoyed by parents with excitement. Joy is a purifier and energetic eraser to erase old pattern of self doubt, yes that’s true you can always use this magical eraser to erase any self holding patterns from trying new things in the life. As we all know the creativity of universe the higher power is still not in reach of man so how can we accept that what is good for one should be good for others. We should learn something from higher power and respect his creativity of making humans that no two individuals looks same, how creative God is in making us all and he is not expecting us to cheer for his creativity but trying to teach us a life lesson that everybody is beautiful and competent enough to achieve any success in life. We humans have no right to pass judgements on failures or success of others or ourself as we all are made by one source and when we show self doubt that is showing doubt on Gods creativity. Similarly when we show doubt on others again we question the creativity of supreme power. Beat self doubt by expecting your self the way you are because you have been made to live your life as per your standards but not to copy others standards. The key to your happiness and success is inside you and feel your all emotions and let them pass you. No wonder some times clouds cover the sun for a while but after rain we again have clear sky and much brighter sun, in the same manner never hold any feeling for a long let it comes and feel the intensity to clear your emotions. We all believe that our body needs to detox but why we forget that emotional detox is more important. Let’s be nice to ourself first and then to others by accepting each other as a beautiful creativity of higher power and we don’t know what’s Gods expectations while creating all of us differently. But one thing is sure that God created all of us for a unstoppable success and happiness journey and we humans are ruining Gods plan by not living our own souls but trying to copy and match others who too are engage in matching someone ……. Let’s try this to create happiness while beating self doubt


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