The most dangerous thing which hold people back is self doubt. Self doubt is when we doubt our potential power, in simple words there is a fight inside us of our own two parts e.g where one part wants to try new thing and other part reminds what people will say or what if it fails etc. Self doubt comes in your mind when you stuck somewhere in the comparison mode of yours with others and that too seeing on their latest updates on social media. Let me help you in understand that all those updates are only to feed your self doubt. A better way to handle this kind of feeling is self comparison, compare yourself to yourself. You will feel confident and confidence is antidote to self doubt, see how far you have come, how gracefully you kept going and your growth as a human being. Most of the times we humans are not aware of our own inner strength and that get wasted because of our unawareness reason self doubt, slowly that inside strength get expired like other things on earth, as we know everything comes with expiry date. So don’t feed your self doubt and use your strength believe in you listen your callings, do what resonates with you and you enjoy most. No wonder you serve humanity with some great contribution of yours and add your name in the list of great contributors to the world. The great people to whom we called contributors are not different or born different we all are same eat same food, breathe same air, drink same water etc. The difference is one which is they don’t feed them self doubt but their diet is believe in them what ever be the situation. They hold hand tightly of self believe and keep moving with the believe of their own inner strength. Do you know the reason why we have few success stories because rest feed them with self doubt because of their own fears and reasons which they too have not witnessed.. Yes self doubt is like a slow poison and equally harmful like any other poison…..


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