All souls want to be happy and believe happiness is getting everything, with this believe started chasing things which others possess. Every action in the life is like boomerang what you give that comes back to you sooner or later. e.g when you deposit money in the bank, you get in return money with extra interest but money only not any any other thing. If we know this simple rule then why all confusion, to get happiness start spreading happiness first then ready to receive. Its very simple you can give happiness in every form, at any time, to any one but important is you should aware of fact that if you want to receive happiness in your life start giving it will surely come back to you. Most of the times we misguide ourselves with desires and happiness both are different, one can attract desires fast with happiness but if one believes that to get happiness fulfillment of desires are must, happiness is almost impossible without accomplishment of my desires that’s not true at all. As happiness increases one’s potential and efficiency in all their respective duties, helps make their journey pleasurable. There are small small acts in the life through which you can attract happiness in your life, its just a practice always remember practice makes the man perfect. So trained yourself all the time and start pouring happiness around you in all the forms. You are owner of beautiful soul and one of your type, happiness you carry with yourself is precious keep multiplying while sending it to reach other souls. Happiness is different then money, more money you save it increases but if you save happiness it decreases. In order to receive happiness keep spending happiness there is no time fixed in the day to spend happiness… start feeling good around people, pretend everybody needs you, stop worrying about anything now you are ready to give happiness and receive in abundance…… Pour happiness in the environment and be the owner of happiness


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