Happiness and perfection can’t be together, yes either one can be happy or perfect. So you decide what you focus on happiness or perfection. Some believe to lead happy life one should be perfect in all task but that’s not true with this believe they only enter in a round loop structure. Human is always victim of the word perfection in own created credentials and passes it on to next generation as a legacy the word perfectionist, new generation also started living for this word perfection. In this race everybody forgets that happiness is more important and are you happy while chasing perfection in your life in your, actions and the task you perform. What is the definition of perfection for you, is it not to live life without the feeling of happiness or you don’t know what happiness is or you think that happiness is when you see yourself as a perfectionist etc. But if we learn how to embrace our self with all our imperfection then everybody will fall in love with themselves and we see happy people everywhere. The other important thing is to practice how to accept imperfection in everyone, everything, relations, workplace, and encourage all small things rather than focusing on improvements or feedback’s. Sadly but humans are engaged in never ending race of proving themselves as perfectionist and forgetting that happiness is just feeling which can’t be seen but thing to feel. One can feel happiness when focus is not perfection but celebration of all imperfection and accepting the world with its nature. Sometime we misguide our self with pleasure considering as happiness but happiness is not pleasure. Pleasure is temporary feeling when we meet someone after long or we achieve something etc. but that’s not happiness. Whenever we are in the race of proving our self perfect it means we are not grateful of what we really are, and if we can’t accept our self with our true self how world will accept us. One biggest impact of perfection on us is we don’t accept our weaknesses and judge our self on behalf of own weaknesses. Where weakness should be used as a fuel to improve because through weaknesses we come to know areas to work. Nothing is perfect not even the world we live in as we witnessed so many natural disasters which impact to so many lives. People around are also far from being perfect engage in greed, bribe, self possessed etc. We too are not perfect so why to enter race of proving our self perfect and forgetting what happiness is, the skill which is important to accept is our imperfection as we are most beautiful when we smile to look in the mirror all our imperfections….Happiness is accepting all imperfections…


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