Yes very true wherever one is today in the life is not because of anyone or destiny. It is because you called yesterday knowingly or unknowingly the very same thing with showing your believe on the certain things/events happened today in your life. You are because of your perception of the world and the way you see world around you not the whole world. Yous belief depends upon so many things your culture, religion, nationality, people, geographical boundaries, your own map of the world etc. Lets talk about test and result after test, so test is not depend on result but result totally depends on the test. Result comes after test is given not before and the result is also on the basis of how fairly we gave test. In the same way wherever we are today is because silently we called that for us yesterday through showing our confidence on the possibilities of what can happen and not happen. Now when we know whatever is happening in our life is because of our understanding of sub conscious who is responsible for all belief system. It is not difficult for any individual to go on the driving seat and show trust and believe in one’s own driving skill no need to check your skills of driving or how efficient you are in driving but important is to believe that you are self learned driver and good observer can drive on any kind of road at any time. Then you will see yourself in your tomorrow give command to your sub conscious and believe sub conscious is very faithful servant never ask any question only follow your orders. Try this and see your self as a writer of your own story. Yes your story which you use to think can never be your story as you are not fortunate enough. When you master this skill of writing own story then you will learn one more art of not blaming situations, destiny, people, circumstances etc for what ever is happening…. BE THE WRITER OF YOUR OWN STORY and decide your tomorrow, today….


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